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Application Assessment (Web/Mobile/Code Review)

Hitachi Systems Security’s Application Assessments help your organization fully understand the vulnerabilities in your applications, whether it’s a public website serving customers, a third-party supplier interface into corporate CRM or even stand-alone applications. With a Web Application Vulnerability Assessment or Application Penetrating Testing, you will understand your corporate security posture and receive actionable recommendations on how to perform remediation of the vulnerabilities discovered in your environment, including potentially required patches, code changes, access adjustments and more.

Added Value

We identify the feasibility of exploiting vulnerabilities, the impact on success, and how to reduce risk to acceptable business levels. All of this is provided in a flexible reporting structure that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Identifying Vulnerabilities and Impact

Identify vulnerabilities and the potential impact at the infrastructure, application and operational levels using testing standards such as OWASP, CIS, SANS or NIST.

Security Posture Overview

Provide an accurate view of your website’s security posture as presented to potential attackers.

Determine Business Risks

Determine the level of real-world business risk for your auditors, executive management, security staff and infrastructure professionals.

Service Elements

Perform Intelligence Gathering

Determine what is known about the application(s) or company that can be used during testing

Analyze the Application(s) and Determine Vulnerabilities

Understand security control points, user session management, data entry points, and error messages

Deliver the Report

Include identified vulnerabilities, prioritized according to their relative impact to your business with recommendations for remediation

Map the Application(s)

Understand the website pages, directory structure, naming conventions, application size, and type of technology used to serve web content

Test the Technical Vulnerabilities

Test the client side controls, authentication mechanisms, session management, access controls, input validation, logic flaws, infrastructure weaknesses, and application server weaknesses

Scope The Project

Understand the business intent of the application(s), understand the potential threats, and define the testing approach and the environment to be assessed

Fully understand your application security posture

Train your staff on how to remediate vulnerabilities to reduce overall risk

Identify the flaws, vulnerabilities and risks that your applications are subject to, based on their level of severity and their potential likelihood of occurrence

Implement remediation activities to protect your applications



Priority-based Auditing and Remediation

Vulnerability, severity and asset criticality information are combined to identify, rank and address web-based applications in the context of your business needs.


Audit Compliance

Ensure you are compliant with customer and shareholder requirements, regulations and standards. We can help you comply with major regulations, such as SOX, PCI, NERC/ CIP, SAS70/SSAE16 and ISO.


Meaningful Reporting

We categorize your assessment results’ threat level, business risk and affected assets as well as provide technical narratives to assist remediation efforts, not simply an automated or generic report.


Improved Risk Posture

Decrease security risk exposure related to web applications and reduce potential financial loss through fraud, hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees.


Enhance the Software Development Lifecycle

Root causes and systemic issues are identified to support future application development initiatives to ensure vulnerabilities are not built into your web applications.

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