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Security By Design

Organizations today are embracing new technology to continually innovate, remain competitive and relevant. However, many have been rushing to modernize their systems and operations and have inadvertently introduced multiple vulnerabilities across their business, and exposed themselves to a growing number of risks. Security by design is an approach to cybersecurity that enables an organization to automate its data security controls and formalize the design of its infrastructure so it can build security into its IT management processes.

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Security by design

Focuses on preventing a cybersecurity breach

Security by design focuses on preventing a cybersecurity breach rather than repairing the issue and restoring systems after a company has been hit by a cybersecurity breach.

Security by design summarizes the responsibilities for the security controls, cybersecurity configuration, the automation of security baselines, and the end-user audit of security controls for your Cloud infrastructure , operating systems, services, and applications.

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Security by design

This is particularly when developing software and hardware because it becomes more difficult to add security as a system develops. In addition, dealing with existing cybersecurity vulnerabilities and patching them in real-time can be difficult. And it will never be as effective as designing systems to be as secure as possible from the beginning.

loT Security

One of the main challenges for IoT security is that typically organizations haven’t considered security when it comes to designing and manufacturing connected appliances and objects. At Hitachi Systems Security, we are helping our customers put tighter security in place by implementing an effective cybersecurity approach, such as security by design.


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