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Managed Vulnerability Assessment Program

Full vulnerability reports are generated to provide your organization with an accurate and comprehensive view of your risk profile. The service includes scheduled and on-demand vulnerability scanning capability against the latest known vulnerabilities. A variety of network devices, such as servers, appliances, applications and workstations, can be scanned for vulnerabilities.

Full vulnerability reports are generated to provide your organization with an accurate and comprehensive view of your risk profile.

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Added Value

Nearly all cyber attacks are the result of exploiting known vulnerabilities. As your dependence on technology increases and you introduce additional electronic systems and software to support your operations, the rate of discovering and exploiting software vulnerabilities will continue to rise.


Anticipate and Prevent Vulnerabilities

Hitachi Systems Security’s ArkAngel platform allows you to perform targeted or network-wide vulnerability scans to anticipate and prevent common system vulnerabilities.


Perform Vulnerability Scans

Our online ArkAngel risk management platform offers a host of options to give you the flexibility to easily schedule recurring vulnerability scans in advance or conduct scans on demand.


Technology Agnostic

Our consolidated vulnerability reports help you demonstrate compliance with external and internal regulations.


Patching is transformed from an arduous reactive game of scanning, assessing, and implementing every 60-90 days to a proactive risk management process of applying critical patches to high value systems in an efficient and effective manner.

Updated Vulnerability Database

The ArkAngel platform maintains a database of known vulnerabilities that will be leveraged to eliminate these vulnerabilities from your environment.

Recurrent Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scans are run on a regular basis to identify any gaps in your environment that may be targeted by attackers.

Security Posture Overview

Executive-level and detailed reports are generated to provide a clear view of the evolution of your organization’s security posture over time.

Recommendations and Insights

Recommendations and insights are provided in order to identify opportunities to cost effectively fortify your overall security posture. Automated recommendations are generated for vulnerabilities that need urgent mitigation depending on the confidentiality, integrity and availability levels requested by the client.

Monthly/Quarterly Executive reports

Generate reports about top 10 vulnerable hosts, vulnerability by services and asset groups, and get a remediation strategy developed by our information security specialists.

Analytic Dashboard

Tactical component that reports in real time and measure indicators that have the purpose of guiding the customers towards the best patching strategy to apply in their infrastructure.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment Program

Vulnerability Management Dashboard

The Vulnerability Management Dashboard provides organizations with real-time analytics of the vulnerabilities scanned in their environment. The dashboard compiles the asset vulnerabilities detected in the network and extract risk-related indicators as well as security incidents created by our analysts. Furthermore, the Vulnerability Management Dashboard lists the top vulnerabilities that would expose your organization to highest risks and what should be fixed first to avoid attacks like Wannacry or data breaches like Equifax’s. Run monthly reports based on statistics and indicators generated by scanners such as Nessus, MacAfee or Saint and compare over time trends.