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Digital Forensic and Incidence Response

Hitachi Systems Security’s Digital Forensics & Incident Response practice provides professional services to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.

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Cyber incidents

Our experienced team of responders helps you respond to and mitigate cyber incidents efficiently and effectively. HISYS-SEC Incident Respond Retainer service may contain one or more of the following:
  • Identification of the breach source within the environment and the contributing factors
  • Identification of the breach source within the environment and the contributing factors
  • Containment of the attack, and reduction of the incident scope and residual effects
  • Localization of the incident source, and attempt for its removal and activity blockage
  • Analysis of the security incident to discover the reach and validate the underlying cause
  • Implementation of recovery practices and long-term supporting actions
  • Review of activities and follow-up regarding the investigation and post-investigation actions
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The Digital Forensics & Incident response core package includes four components.

1. Incident response handling
2. malware analysis
3. Digital forensic
4. Compromise assesment

These Include:

You will get advice on how to contain and react to a cybersecurity incident to recovery from a cyberattack.
Obtain remediation strategies to how best to minimize impact to your business
Look for intrusion information from the network
Understand the risk impact of the security incident to understand the extent of the attack and which systems and information were compromised in your organization.
Collect forensic information for your incident analysis.
Analyze the malware that has caused an incident to understand its behavior, impact, and method to eradicate it.
Meet with our Incident Response Expert to discuss the incident and reflect on lessons learned to raise the security maturity posture of your organization.

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